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What to Expect For Your First Appointment

- Please bring your insurance cards (and referrals if they are required by your insurance company)

- If your insurance requires a copayment for specialist visits, have that ready and note that we only accept cash, checks or money orders (no credit or debit cards).

- Bring your most recent pair of glasses

- Bring a list of your current medications if you are using any

- Please expect a comprehensive assessment of your past medical history

- Every patient will receive a detailed ocular health examination by the physician (expect to have diagnostic eye drops placed in your eyes to check the pressure in your eyes which helps screen for glaucoma)

- If needed, the physician will order special tests (which may include dilation of your pupils, scans of the optic nerve head, retinal photographs, etc.)

- If we dilate your eyes, your vision will be slightly blurry (mainly for up close) and light sensitive for an average of 3-4 hours after your eyes have been dilated (do not drive on that day and consider bringing a pair of dark sunglasses and a hat)

- Minors must be accompanied by an adult family member that is at least 18 years old.

- For first visits and dilated eye examinations, plan to set aside a good length of time for your appointment as dilating your pupils alone can take up to one hour.

If you require assistance at any point of your visit, our kind and helpful staff will be there to guide you.  Don’t be afraid to ask for our help!






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